Creative Water Works offers three different types of fountains, decorative, decorative aeration, and aeration.

Decorative fountains are typically small, custom build water features inside or outside of your home or business.

Decorative aeration fountains are for larger ponds, but also serve the purpose of aerating these ponds.

Functional aeration for larger ponds with no visual display that is solely subsurface and is the most efficient way to aerate large ponds. 

Aqua Master Fountains

Creative Water Works is a distributor and authorized factory repair center for the high quality and innovative Aqua Master Fountains. These decorative aeration fountains are available in a variety of different spray patterns, bringing your lake or pond to life. Our certified professionals will help you care for your custom Aqua Master fountain throughout the life of the fountain.

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Creative Water Works specializes in all types of fountain maintenance, so we can keep your fountains flowing until the end of time.